What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an informed opinion as to the description, quality, and value of an item. Our appraisers take great care to provide you with the most complete, accurate and up-to date information possible. Lady Jeweler provides appraisals of various types. 

Types of Appraisals

  • Insurance appraisals provide the value of jewelry that can be replaced at full service jewelry stores before sales and discounts.
  • Fair market value appraisals outline values that jewelry can be bought and sold on the open market in its current condition.
  • Estate appraisals provide the value that items can be sold for during a liquidation or settlement.


Additional Services Offered

  • Diamond Plotting
  • Gemstone Identification
  • Liquidation & Estate Sorting


What Happens During An Appraisal?

Before determining the value of your item(s) we thoroughly clean each item, after items are clean they are photographed from multiple angles. All metals are either X-Ray or electronically tested for karatage. Diamonds and gemstones are analyzed and tested to identify their type and determine size and quality. During examination we also note if the item is identified with any makers marks, karatage marks and any other identifying markers. Items are weighed and both metal and gemstone total weights are noted.

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